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Our Service Earns Us Unparalleled Loyalty From Our Customers

At Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS), we understand that quality service for automated control systems is critical to the success of our clients. We assess operations with loop checks, power quality analysis, instrumentation calibration, and more. Our team consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers with unparalleled responsiveness, dependability, and technical skill. Our 24/7-service guarantee spans from phone support to onsite technical expertise, and ensures your problems will be met and addressed as quickly as possible.

We service different types of projects:

  • Applications we developed – serviced through warranties, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Applications that originated elsewhere – serviced through troubleshooting, retrofits, and complete system overhauls

Critical Safety, Quality, and Service Expertise

Throughout our work, we hold our safety and quality standards tightly, unwilling to sacrifice either, regardless of project complexity. Common standards we adhere to include UL 508A, UL 698A, and those from the NFPA, CSIA, and ISA organizations.

Specific, initial AC&TS expertise that brings almost immediate insight and benefit to many customers includes service through:

  • Loop Checks: We assess entire systems through a loop check to ensure all components are properly connected and signals transmit accurately. These checks often help identify gaps or potential weaknesses in systems.
  • Power Quality Analysis: We have access to portable power monitors to conduct power quality analysis tests. We often bring these monitors on-site to clients to collect data and understand exact issues around power use, loss, and potential expansion.
  • Instrumentation Calibration: Because facilities must meet regulatory requirements , we help companies calibrate instruments to verify and document accuracy.

Our Commitments

We commit to meet all schedules and performance criteria for every project, and we guarantee all equipment, materials, and workmanship for one year after acceptance. In addition, we guarantee response within a designated period of time for many of our public works projects.

Our unwritten policies, upheld by our corporate culture and strong leadership and management, include professionalism and timely response for all of our customers.

  HMI Solutions 

AC&TS creates intuitive HMIs with custom graphical user interfaces that include icons and animations to enhance control systems.

Custom-Designed HMIs Bring Quick, Hassle-Free Operation

As an automation technology expert, we understand that difficult, slow, static, or unsecure machine controls can only add confusion and frustration to an overall system.

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  Network Communication Solutions 

We build and support networks that provide plant-wide communication using open, industry-standard networking technologies.

Reliable and Robust Networks Ensure Timely I/O Signals

We understand that capable and reliable network communication is imperative to system success and to avoid plant shutdown, so equipping customers with the right network communication solutions, ample training, and adequate support is foundational to our expertise at Automated Controls & Technical Services (AC&TS).

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  PAC/PLC Solutions 

AC&TS integrates PAC and PLC technology into automation systems, bringing modular architectures and a range of I/O and network options.

Rockwell PLC Technology and AC&TS integration Create Flexible Solutions

Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS) integrates programmable automation controller (PAC) and programmable logic controller (PLC) technology into automation systems.

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  Instrumentation Solutions 

Our instrument solutions meet your short-term automation needs and long-term business goals.

Instruments for the Measurements you Need Most

Our instrument solutions include technology from  including technology from Emerson, Rosemont, Hach, and Endress and Hauser. All instruments aren’t created equal, and it’s difficult for a company to evaluate and understand all of the options for an automation system.

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