Enhance Systems with New Communication Solutions

Reliable Networks Ensure Timely I/O Signals

We understand that capable and reliable network communication is imperative to system success and to avoid plant shutdown, so equipping customers with the right network communication solutions, ample training, and adequate support is foundational to our expertise at Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS).

We build a network that provides plant-wide communication using open, industry-standard networking technologies. The new networks enable real-time control and information in discrete, continuous process, batch, safety, drive, motion, and high-availability applications



Network Communication Technology

We connect devices such as motor starters and instruments to controllers and HMI devices on the enterprise network. Our networks support non-industrial and industrial communications protocols on a redundant and robust common network infrastructure.

With exclusive access to Rockwell Automation technology and expertise through our RcSI standing, we are the trusted leader in automation technology integration. Our teams are proficient with Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, FieldBus, and other legacy protocols, as well as wireless, wireless-mesh, and hybrid networks.


Ultimately, our efforts result in overhauled production for overall improvement – reliable processes, technical enhancements, increased ROI, reduced downtime and shutdown risk – and a long-term partnership for sustainable success through streamlined operations.

AC&TS integrates system-wide network solutions and processing controls including sensing, monitoring, and communication to optimize material processing rates throughout a production line.

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