Automate Food and Beverage Systems

Efficient System-Wide Food and Beverage Automation and Monitoring

Residing in the Central California Valley with thriving fruit, milk, cheese, beverage, vegetable, and nut businesses, Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS) supports California’s food and beverage packaging and processing with streamlined automation solutions that help control inventory.

Our engineers have specific experience with AutoCAD, manufacturing execution systems (MES), capital improvement programs (CIP), and overall equipment (OEE) metrics. This knowledge, overlaid with our history in the central California food packaging and processing industry allows our teams to quickly integrate with your operations and provide expert technology recommendations and implementation strategies.

Example food and beverage applications include:

  • Developing palletizers for automated end-of-line food packaging automation operations
  • Creating automated systems for juice processing and wine processing
  • Designing barcode scanning systems to enhance inventory control
  • Making improvements to OEM equipment that add functionality and compliance with new regulatory requirements
  • Adding custom software databases, designed to access mainframe data for full inventory and production visibility

Food and Beverage Industry Solutions

  HMI Solutions 

Complete SCADA HMI Automation and Control Solutions

Custom-Designed HMIs Bring Quick, Hassle-Free Operation

As an automation technology expert, we understand that difficult, slow, static, or unsecure machine controls can only add confusion and frustration to an overall system.

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  Network Communication Solutions 

Reliable Network Communication for Total Food Packaging System Success

Reliable and Robust Networks Ensure Timely I/O Signals

We understand that capable and reliable network communication is imperative to system success and to avoid plant shutdown, so equipping customers with the right network communication solutions, ample training, and adequate support is foundational to our expertise at Automated Controls & Technical Services (AC&TS).

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  PAC/PLC Solutions 

New, Modified, or Expanded Food and Beverage Systems

Rockwell PLC Technology and AC&TS integration Create Flexible Solutions

Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS) integrates programmable automation controller (PAC) and programmable logic controller (PLC) technology into automation systems.

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  Instrumentation Solutions 

The Right Instrumentation to Make Your Food and Beverage Business Efficient

Instruments for the Measurements you Need Most

All instruments aren’t created equal, and it’s difficult for a company to evaluate and understand all of the options for an automation system.

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Food & Beverage Case Studies

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