Automate Manufacturing Process Technology

Reliable, Automated Manufacturing Systems Reduce Operating Costs

Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS) makes manufacturing an asset to your operations and a competitive differentiator for your company. Our teams create the most efficient and effective manufacturing systems with technology that can perform to match your business goals.

AC&TS understands your goals, deploys sensors and instrumentation to monitor manufacturing process performance, then automates processes using software, hardware, data, and programmable controllers. With complete system integration, we develop a solution that can run automatically and is configured with alarms and events to let the operator know of certain situations or need for input. Our simplified human and machine interaction (HMI) screens and programs assist operators and negate the need for further code development.

Manufacturing Automation Expertise

Example manufacturing automation applications include:

  • Implementing equipment control solutions in manufacturing facilities
  • Programming manufacturing systems to achieve very specific, business-critical results
  • Using power monitoring systems to collect data, correct system flaws, and evaluate new business decisions based on current power usage and potential changes
  • Upgrading legacy manufacturing systems

  HMI Solutions 

Simplified HMI Solutions for Easy Operation

Custom-Designed HMIs Bring Quick, Hassle-Free Operation

As an automation technology expert, we understand that difficult, slow, static, or unsecure machine controls can only add confusion and frustration to an overall system.

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  Network Communication Solutions 

Reliable Network Communication Across Manufacturing Plants

Reliable and Robust Networks Ensure Timely I/O Signals

We understand that capable and reliable network communication is imperative to system success and to avoid plant shutdown, so equipping customers with the right network communication solutions, ample training, and adequate support is foundational to our expertise at Automated Controls & Technical Services (AC&TS).

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  PAC/PLC Solutions 

Flexible Manufacturing Automation Solutions with Rockwell PLC Technology

Rockwell PLC Technology and AC&TS integration Create Flexible Solutions

Automated Control & Technical Services (AC&TS) integrates programmable automation controller (PAC) and programmable logic controller (PLC) technology into automation systems.

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  Instrumentation Solutions 

Upgraded Instrumentation for Successfully Automated Manufacturing Operations

Instruments for the Measurements you Need Most

All instruments aren’t created equal, and it’s difficult for a company to evaluate and understand all of the options for an automation system.

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